Rafnar 1100 Leisure

Rafnar 1100 a third-generation tactical RIB, which was tested and developed in close co-operation with the Icelandic Coast Guard, is now available as a versatile yacht tender. This 11 meter craft has been designed to operate safely and comfortably in the worst weather and sea conditions, and can therefore handle any sea conditions easily, providing an exceptionally smooth platform. The craft's documented reliability and safety underline the ÖK Hull design's proven capabilities.

Rafnar 1100 is a versatile craft designed to perform a variety of functions and roles and comes with a multitude of capabilities. While designed to be the optimal tactical craft, Rafnar 1100 provides an exceptional platform as a super- and mega-yacht tender and as a chase boat. Rafnar 1100 series will remain a benchmark for radical changes for some time to come in the RIBs market, and Rafnar will continue to develop further models built on this very successful vessel. 


11.00 m.


3.20 m.


0.00 m.

Max. Speed

40-52 knots