Rafnar 850

Rafnar 850 is Rafnar's 8.5-meter multi-functional general purpose support vessel. With precise scaling-adaptation of the ÖK Hull technology, Rafnar have produced a RIB that is ideally suited to the task at hand and provides the unique seakeeping and comfort qualities inherent in other Rafnar vessels built on the ÖK Hull. At 8.5-meters, Rafnar 850 is suited for various purposes, including search and rescue, man-over-board (MOB), coast guard, law enforcement, or the navy for rescue, patrolling, security, or surveillance purposes, both as a manned or autonomous vessel.

Rafnar 850 is an easily deployable and transportable tactical craft. At 8.5 metres, she can be neatly stowed on the deck of a larger vessel, and can be easily transported and deployed to remote operational zones. Rafnar 850 can be delivered with one of three propulsion options: jet drive, outboard, or stern drive. This fast, highly manouverable and stable craft exhibits all of the key ÖK Hull technology features and qualities of her bigger sister, Rafnar 1100. 


8.50 m.


3.22 m.


0.52 m.

Max. Speed

42 knots

Cruising Speed

30 knots

Fuel Tank

2x 300 liters lt.


2x 300 HP