The ÖK Hull is a revolutionary hull-and-keel technology that will ultimately disrupt marine industries globally. Confirmed by independent research to be capable of up to 20x less slamming than competing hulls, the ÖK Hull ensures otherwise unattainable seakeeping in the most extreme marine environments. A product of the harshest conditions of the North Atlantic, the ÖK Hull has been confirmed by professionals worldwide to provide mariners with endurance and comfort in crafts that are practically impossible to make unsafe. This is achieved without compromising cruising or top speeds, while providing owners with the benefit of lower vessel life cycle cost not only from mechanical and on-board equipment fatigue, but also from medical, disability and insurance related costs. The ÖK Hull offers a uniquely smooth experience.

When accelerating, the ÖK Hull raises itself horizontally and maintains planing. The pivot point remains in the hull's center instead of in the stern, which is not forced downwards during acceleration. The keel shape keeps the vessel steady in the water, allowing for unrivaled speed and grip in turns. The ÖK Hull always remains steady and fixed in the water and almost never slams on waves. Due to the ÖK Hull's shape, no wake is created behind the vessel.  The ÖK Hull's top speed is only limited to engine output produced.